Central Bank: Foreign Currency Reserve Covers Rolling And A Half Times

Iraq Currency Reserves

The Central Bank, said on Sunday that reserves of hard currency reserves is one of the best in the world, as it covers the currency and a half times. The governor of the bank on the Keywords, that the bank maintains the largest rates of good reserves of hard currency in the world compared to […]

The Return of GDP Growth in Iraq

The Return of GDP Growth in Iraq

Translation – Khalid Qasim – Economic consulting firm launched its headquarters in Barcelona, ​​Spain during the past month an interesting survey included experts in the forecast for the Middle East and North Africa region. And the section on the economy of Iraq is very useful because of the lack of focus on this topic in […]

Reconsideration of The Budget For Cover The Deficit of Financial Institutions: CBI

Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank Calls For a Reconsideration of The Budget Confirms: Not Able to Cover The Deficit of Financial Institutions BAGHDAD long-Presse – The Central Bank of Iraq, on Sunday, that the financial reserves of Iraq is equivalent to one and half times the weakness of the currency bloc, returned it the “best rates” in the […]

South Korea Plans to Increase Its Investment in Iraq

Twilight News / said South Korea’s ambassador to Iraq Jang Won Jo Thursday that his country intends to increase its investments in Iraq as well as support in the fight against the organization of the Islamic State “Daash.” This came during a meeting with South Korean Ambassador Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Ghaban in the capital […]