Watch Out For Counterfeit Notes While Purchasing Iraqi Dinar

It is human behavior that he wants to earn money overnight. There is no such technique in the world which makes you rich overnight until you hit a jackpot. People also try to play scam tactics to con others and make quick money. This is also the case with Iraqi dinar trade. Some dealers sell […]

Different Governments of Iraq

Iraq remained at war for a long period of almost eight years. The war could not diminish the country however the condition of the country was made terrible. The public was in a state of constant fear and the basic necessities of life were hard to find. Finding the conditions of Iraq to be this […]

Iraqi Dinar And Oil Reserves

This is in the news in Iraq that they have increased their oil production as Iraq is now free to do trade in the international market. Iraq is blessed with 2nd largest oil reserves in the world. It really will show a great impact upon Iraqi Dinar Investment. If we look into the past same […]

Why Should Someone Buy Iraqi Dinar?

There are many people out there who are not comfortable about the concept of buying an Iraqi dinar. The War had adversely affected the economy and the peace of Iraq and many people believe that it’s not a rational decision to invest in Iraqi dinar right now. But that’s not the way how intelligent investors think […]