About One Billion Dollars and Imports Customs in Iraq

The General Authority of Customs announced its revenues from the customs duties for the year 2017, which amounted to trillion and two hundred and thirty billion Iraqi dinars, while the customs revenues for the year 2016 six hundred and forty seven billion dinars.

“The process of customs reform is not an easy task in light of the challenges facing the Authority, but it is not impossible with the Prime Minister’s strong will to combat corruption and simplify procedures,” the TRA said in a statement.

“The technical preparations have been completed under the supervision of the Office of the Prime Minister and the support of UNDP to start the adoption of the comprehensive e-customs system, which will improve the efficiency of collection and achieve justice in the application of fees and cut the way for the corrupt.”

The Authority added in its statement that “the problems that get rid of imported goods to the multiplicity of parties at the border crossings and the collapse of infrastructure and the lack of minimum requirements for the basic work of the customs administration as well as the lack of modern equipment to detect containers and detect drugs.”

“There are shortcomings in the procedures followed by the technical bodies working in the forefront of the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control for delay in the examination procedures on the models of imported materials and the establishment of regional laboratories close to border crossings.”

In its statement, the Commission called on all government agencies present at the border crossings to shoulder their responsibilities without giving them to the customs administration, whose duty is to enforce laws, decisions and instructions issued by the relevant authorities.


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