Iraq Ports: Berths Have Contributed to Increasing our Financial Resources

The land, air and sea border crossings witnessed a clear increase in 2017 compared to previous years. The revenues of land ports exceeded 483 billion Iraqi dinars. Port officials confirmed that the last decade of 2017 witnessed a significant increase in financial revenues due to improved depths And the addition of several berths, expected to double the goods entering Iraq for the coming years to 29 million tons.

Spokesman for the Iraqi Ports Company Anmar Al-Safi said in an interview with (Al-Mada), the last six months of 2017 witnessed a clear development in the proportion of financial resources of the Iraqi ports. This was achieved through improving the depths of the navigational channels and sidewalks and cleaning the channels. The purchase of many equipment and mechanisms that help the work, but the most important is the joint operating contracts concluded with foreign companies to build and establish and manage berths, which contributed to the high proportion of financial revenues for ports clearly by the end of 2017.

He added that the increase in the number of maritime units and the quantities of goods coming to Iraq was the reason for the increase in the financial resources, adding: Therefore, we expect that the increase for next year in the imports of ports to the level we aspire to, because the studies we focused on the need That the coming years will witness a doubling of the goods coming to Iraq through the ports, because our ambition to enter during the coming years more than 29 million tons to the ports, which will be through the entry of new platforms that were built for work, because in our plan to get to the building 13 additional funds to accommodate the increase Holds in goods involved, and accordingly it has been more than 7 berths to sign contracts, through a contract with a Philippine company to set up three berths in the ports of Umm Qasr northern region.

On the other hand, the head of the border crossings, Kazim al-Aqabi, said that the value of the revenues of the Authority for 2017 amounted to 344 billion 789 million 322 thousand and 855 Iraqi dinars, plus 12 million and 640 thousand and 812 dollars for the period from 8/1 to 31/12/2017, high Compared to the previous year 2016, which amounted to 101 billion and 976 million and 450 thousand and 972 Iraqi dinars, plus (11 million and 860 thousand and 184 dollars).

He attributed this rise in 2017 to “successful measures taken by the Ports Authority to form a difference for the year 3016 with a value of” 142 billion and 812 million and 871 thousand and 883 dinars, “Iraqi with 780 thousand and 628 dollars, noting that the reform process is not an easy task in light of the challenges that The Commission faces, but is not impossible, by fighting corruption, simplifying procedures and resolving all obstacles.

He pointed out at a press conference that there was a significant increase in the revenues of land border ports and Basra and Najaf airports during 2017 compared to previous years. He said that the imports of 2017 from the beginning of August were (482,408,553,252) Iraqi dinars and the entry of goods (309,253) 2016 estimated (211,762,438,320) Iraqi dinars to send trucks for goods 331,771.

He added that the increase in revenues for the year 2016 amounted to (270,646,114,932) Iraqi dinars, and seized drugs and 52 cases have been forwarded to the judiciary, and in relation to customs transactions, he said: “The transactions of customs transferred 58 transactions, at the time the number of transactions Customs transactions referred to the police and the judiciary amounted to 93 transactions, while the destruction cases amounted to 291 different materials, indicating that “the reform process is not an easy task in light of the challenges facing the body, but it is not impossible through the fight against corruption Simplifying procedures “.

The financial adviser to Abbadi, has confirmed in an interview with (range), that the increase in the revenues of border ports of all types should be an important part in maximizing non-oil revenues to target and strengthen the budget resources, using the principle (financial stabilizer) adopted by public finance The current trend is to cooperate with international audit and inspection companies that use digital auditing in accordance with international standards, a step towards maximizing the country’s financial resources and fighting corruption.

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