The Development of Private Sector

BAGHDAD joy pumice – Called for an economist to overcome the obstacles that limit the activation of private sector activities through the application and implementation Strutijeth which recently launched by the government.

Expert on behalf of Jamil said “morning” that the most prominent obstacles is not the establishment of a development bank investment supportive of the activity of the private sector working in the spirit of the private sector.

As well as the frequency and slowing the central bank in the actual control over the private banks and non-shareholders and depositors guarantee the rights of the sponsor as the guarantor of the rights of citizens in the banking system.

He pointed out that the weakness of beautiful follow-up of the investment budget competent authorities leads to Shell Activity private sector, which employs nearly 4.5 million workers.

And referring to the existence of the frequency and the delay in the implementation of the privatization decision, the actual implementation of the strategies and initiatives more than the 16 to support the economic reform process.

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