Iraqi Dinar Deletion of Zeros Project Ready 2014 But Implementation Postponed

Iraqi Dinar Deletion of Zeros

BAGHDAD / JD / Affected by the project to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi dinar unchanged if the rest of the major strategic projects, the unstable security situation in the country, where he was supposed to be implemented early 2014 after the creation of the logistical and technical measures by the central bank, […]

Meet Haider al-Abadi Businessmen Confirm True Partnership

Haider al-Abadi

The head of the Securities Commission to meet Prime Minister men of Iraqi businessmen residing in Dubai during his recent visit to the United Arab Emirates, daring to encourage talent and capital migratory money to return to Iraq or investment. Dr Abdul-Razzaq al-Saadi said in an interview for “morning” that this meeting reflects the government’s […]

Abadi Confirms Directed The Government to Support The Private Sector

Haider Al Abadi in UAE

During a meeting with Iraqi men work in the UAE BAGHDAD – morning – The prime minister Haider al-Abadi said the government go to support genuine and serious private sector, pointing out that the government is working hard to provide the appropriate climate for private sector participation in the construction of Iraq. He said the […]

Iraqi Dinar/Central Bank Currency Auction 16-12-2014

CBI Auction

Central bank sales in the auction on Tuesday declined to $ 169 million after it reached Monday 188 million and 991 000 dollars. According to a statement of the bank that “the size of the amount sold by the bank at the auction of the dollar today reached 169 million and 809 000 dollars at […]