Sahlani: The Budget Deficit Reached 61 Trillion Dinars

Iraq budget

Follow-up / newspaper uprightness: A member of the Budget Committee temporary crescent Sahlani that “the budget deficit in 2014 reached 61 trillion calling on the House of Representatives re-balancing according to new data.” Said Sahlani “that” Iraq’s revenues was planned to be 140 trillion while reaching its expenses amounted to 171 trillion and thus according […]

KOGAS Says it Will Invest 4.9 Billion Dollars in Iraqi Oil Project


BAGHDAD / Wi-News – She said the gas company in South Korean KOGAS notice of the Stock Exchange on Monday it would invest 4.99 trillion won (4.9 billion dollars) in the Zubair oil project in Iraq. The company added that the state-run facilities in respect of the investment project. And Zubair oil fields in Iraq […]

I Invited International Companies to Invest in Baghdad

International Companies

(Independent) .. called the Municipality of Baghdad Arab and international companies to invest in the capital, Baghdad, in various service sectors and urban. According to the Directorate of media relations and that “all the conditions become ripe opportunity for companies and the Arab world to enter Iraq and implementation of reconstruction projects, construction and investment […]

Economic Criticizes The Indifference of Representatives Passage of The General Budget

Iraq Budget

BAGHDAD / Source News / .. expert criticized the dominant economic Khayat, on Friday, lack of interest in the House of Representatives passage of the general budget, stressing that the majority of the Iraqi people are suffering difficult circumstances because of a failure to approve this budget. Said Khayat told / Source News / “The […]