Economic Laws

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BAGHDAD – morning: Noted economist of the importance of partnership public and private sectors to invest in the establishment of infrastructure projects and services in the country, and to benefit from international organizations that offer its goals, to achieve the goals of sustainable development in the country. Economic expert and member of the Chambers of […]

Invitations to Combat Money Laundering

Money Laundering

Because it’s harmful to the national economy BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb – Shkran Fatlawi: Balchan banking specialist confirmed the importance of the adoption of sophisticated banking systems, about the movement of capital, the local bank for any illnesses adversely affect this device is important. Saad al-Tai said in an interview »Sabah» that the domestic […]

Import License Organized Specification of Goods in The Market

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After two years of work by BAGHDAD – Mustafa al-Hashemi: Iraq seeks to reduce the phenomenon of indiscriminate import which caused great damage to the national economy through the chaos that accompanied the smooth entry of those goods to local markets. As a policy process supports the national economy began the General Company for Trade […]

Virtue: Iraq is Losing 400 Million Dollars a Day Due to The Delay in Approving The Budget

Iraqi News

BAGHDAD / … confirmed the MP for the Virtue parliamentary Ola Back to Aiv, on Tuesday, having a serious desire among members of the House of Representatives in approving the general budget of the country and therefore need to state institutions to be ratified as soon as indicating that Iraq is losing daily 400 million […]