Experts: Professional Competence And Financial Capacity of Most Important Conditions For The Establishment of Banks

Iraqi News

BAGHDAD / Ibrahim Ibrahim: Committee called the economy the parliamentary central bank need to address the crises experienced by the private banks according to the laws and regulations in force, and in a more flexible, while stressing Economists on the necessity of making sure the professionalism and financial capacity before giving any license for the […]

Stabilize Prices Boosted The Confidence of The Citizen in The Market

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Baghdad traders belt kept them BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb: He pointed out a number of shop owners and suppliers of food items in the areas west of Baghdad, to stabilize the prices of goods and commodities, and that what occurred from the high is normal, especially since he usually gets with near holy month […]

The Importance of The Adoption of The Ministry of Finance to Invest in Islamic Banking


Baghdad Yasser incumbent: In an unprecedented initiative, the Ministry of Finance confirmed that it will sponsor the forum funded by investment banks as the Iraqi Islamic Bank entrusted to one of the two rivers Islamic formations important preparation is what was told to me personally Director General Abdul Hussein Mundhiri. The first activity sponsored by […]

Opening of The First Lebanese City Tour in Basra Amid Calls For Greater Understanding of The Role of The Private Sector to The Development of Iraq

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Long-Presse / Basra: Announced investor Lebanese, on Wednesday, announced the opening of a tourism project entertaining in Basra will be the nucleus for the establishment of Mthilath in other parts of Iraq, while the student union business to maintain, (590 km south of Baghdad), officials of understanding of the role of the private sector and […]