Mass Citizen: The Budget Deficit up to 60 Billion Dollars

The head of the bloc citizen parliamentary Baqer al-Zubaidi, a deficit true in the financial budget of the state up to 60 billion dollars. Said Zabdi that “the real problem in the budget is a deficit of real first time witnessing Iraq after the 2003 deficit of real Each deficit was Tkhmonaa, and overcome the […]

Rise in Central Bank Sales of Dollar at The End of Week

Sales of the Iraqi Central Bank of the dollar in the auction, on Thursday, on the sale and purchase of foreign currencies, recording 215.603 million compared with $ 175.612 million dollars, and a stable exchange rate at 1166 dinars per dollar. Explained special bulletin ERA on Thursday overall demand for the dollar distributed by 42.85 […]

Rise in The General Index of The Stock Exchange in Iraq

General index of the Iraqi market for securities by 0.73 percent in the session, on Thursday, the last meetings this week, recording 105.73 points compared with 104.96 points, had scored in the previous session. Said special bulletin in the market that the number of shares traded in today’s session amounted to 785 000 827 thousand […]

Maliki Opens Tomorrow’s Second Largest Oil Field of The World in Basra

Announced that the Iraqi Oil Ministry, said Friday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will inaugurate tomorrow Qurna 2 initial production capacity of up to 120 000 barrels per day, as he emphasized that production will rise in Qurna field by the end of this year to 400 000 barrels. He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, […]