Experts: Iraqi Dinar Delete The Zeros Project Needs to be Catalysts For Success

BAGHDAD – Farah pumice – Mustafa al-Hashemi: Agreed the views of experts and specialists on the importance of the project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi Dinar currency, despite the objections put up by some of the impact on the market at the moment. Described competent Jihad al-Khalidi delete the zeros step reform, but […]

Expert Stresses Importance of Linking The Budget Five Year Plan to Support Investment

BAGHDAD (the news) .. Said economic expert Majid picture, the need to link the annual budget of the state five-year plan for economic development to support and develop the movement of Iraqi investment. Said the picture (of the Agency news): that the Iraqi constitution and the law, financial management, public debt, emphasizes the need to […]

15 Trillion Dinars Budget Basra in 2014

Basra / Iraq News Network: The governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui, on Tuesday, for the budget of Basra in 2014, within the federal budget will be 15 trillion dinars, indicating that the amount includes the construction of housing units and build a medical city. Said Nasraoui in a press release that he “held a meeting […]

Private Banks Need to be a Real Credit Rating

Demonstrated its ability to keep pace with global developments BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb: represents keep abreast of global banking the most important steps to achieve the country’s economic development, to link the work of the banking sector in all phases of construction and reconstruction, which is embodied in the use of technologies of modern […]