Central Bank: FATF International Anti-Money Laundering Decided to Hold Its Next Meeting in Iraq

Baghdad (news) .. Central Bank of Iraq, for approval by the FATF for the Middle East and North Africa concerned with crimes of money laundering and financing of terrorism to hold its next meeting in Iraq. According to a statement of the bank received the Agency (news) copy of it: that the Financial Action Task […]

Central Bank Gives Companies Brokering The Buying And Selling of Foreign Currency The Right to Enter The Auction

Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: Iraqi Central Bank announced Wednesday, it will allow companies to broker the sale and purchase of foreign currency to enter the daily currency auction. Said relations manager at the bank in favor of Mahood’s “Tomorrow’s Press,” said that “companies to broker the sale and purchase of foreign currency would be allowed […]

Mundhiri Calls For The Adoption of Legislation Regulating Islamic Banking

He pointed to the experiences of the global BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb: Counting banking expert successes of banks and Islamic financial institutions is a major reason behind the orientations of European banks and the world to pursue their means in banking operations General director of the Bank of Mesopotamia Islamic Abdul Hussein Mundhiri that […]

Stapes: The Process of Deleting The Zeros Working to Raise The Value of The Iraqi Dinar Against Dollar

Baghdad (news) .. A member of the Economic Commission MP / National Alliance / Ibrahim stirrup, that the high price of the dollar depends on the ratio of supply and demand in the auction sale of the currency in the central bank. Said stirrup (of the Agency news): The high exchange rate of the U.S. […]