Saleh: Category Distant From The Real Economy Close to The Reality Around Him

Iraq ranked 151 globally in terms of ease of business Baghdad – Mostafa Hashemi: classified Iraq, according to international reports that it has the elements of the economic boom overall possession of natural and human resources as well as the heads of big money and investment opportunities mega including it occupies a mattress in advanced […]

Basra Paves to be The Economic Capital of Iraq

An international conference held by the middle of December BAGHDAD – Farah pumice: concluded conference Businessmen Union in Basra to the need to support a project considered the economic capital of Iraq, which recently held there under the banner “Basra is the capital of Iraq economic ties between politics and maturity,” defined it as a […]

Germany Experiencing an Increase in The Incidence of Poverty Despite The Drop in The Number of Unemployed

Occupies the fourth place globally in terms of GDP :Berlin Faten Al Jabri Germany’s economy is one of the largest economies of the world where it ranks fourth in terms of GDP after the United States, China and Japan. And ranked fifth in terms of purchasing power and is the most populous country in Europe […]

Economic Conference Kicks Off in Amman Indonesian Iraqi

The Iraqi embassy in Jordan, yesterday, kicks off the Indonesian Iraqi economic conference in the capital Amman, saying that the aim of the conference definition of the economic opportunities available in Iraq for Indonesian companies. He said the Iraqi ambassador in Amman, Jawad Hadi, said that “more than 18 companies Indonesian participate in this conference, […]