Chapter Iraq Business by Dinar Experts Opinion

Dinar Experts Opinion 28-9-2013 TD Expert Jake: What is the score of Iraq according to the economic point of view? 28-9-2013 IDD Expert Colin: Due to insufficient data Iraq could not maintain its position in the score holding countries for their economic data. There was a time when Iraq had a valuable amount of data […]

Iraq’s Currency Reserves And What it Means For The Life of The Citizen; Stability And an Increase in Exchange Rate

The Central Bank of Iraq, as in other countries of the world, the management of the national currency and maintain the value and size of rolling them. The central bank also oversees the commercial banking system. Unlike the Commercial Bank, the central bank has a monopoly to increase the money supply in the country or […]

Finance Committee Member: Stability of The Dinar Exchange Rate Will Stimulate The Country’s Economic Movement

Baghdad (newsletter). She is a member of the Finance Committee, a Deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance//smart Najeeb, the Central Bank takes measures and controls to support the stability of the dinar against the dollar. Najib said (News Agency): that the Central Bank intended to make Iraqi dinar rather stable against the dollar, especially in this […]

Economist Calls For Speedy Vote on Economic Reform; Council to Reform National Income so Not to Rely on Oil

Expert: establishment of the Council of economic reform the national income rather than relying on oil Baghdad (news) .. Called an expert in economic development Amer jeweler, the House of Representatives to speed up the vote on the draft law of economic reform and the establishment of the Council of economic reform as soon as […]