Dinar Boosted by Iranian Election

Since the beginning of 2012 the Iraqi dinar has been on something of a roller coaster ride. Changes in central bank policy combined with strong dollar demand from Iran and Syria have twice pushed the market rate above 1280. Both times, subsequent increases in dollar sales at the central bank’s currency auctions then steered the […]

Legal Expert: Iraq Out of Chapter VII Will Give The Freedom to Dispose of Economic Assets And Revenues

Baghdad – and babysit – legal expert said Saadi Ghraoui that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII-VI came result Aafah the international commitments which was caused by the previous regime’s invasion of Kuwait and reflected negatively on the Iraqi reality and subjected to the pressures of the most important international undergoing this item. He said […]

Chapter VII: Iraq to Restore Arms Industry

Modhir al-Janabi, a member of the parliament Security and Defense Committee, has said the lifting of UN Chapter VII sanctions on Iraq provides an opportunity to restore the country’s ability to manufacture weapons. He told AIN: “After being relieved from the UN sanctions, Iraq can renew this industry to manufacture weapons which would help reduce […]

Iraq to Receive Russian Military Helicopters

On June 18, an Iraqi military source confirmed that the air force command will receive “Alligator” combat helicopters from Russia in the coming period. In a statement to Al-Monitor, the source, a senior Iraqi army officer, said that “the aircraft will be of the Ka-52 [pictured] and Mi-28NE models from the French Le Bourget Air […]