OPEC’s Targets to Hold Amid a Weak Economy of The World

A report in the United States was issued in “The Economist” that Iraq can be the fastest growing economy of the world and Iraqi Dinar Value in 2013. According to the reports, it has been shown that Iraq’s economy would be stronger with the increase in the exports of oil. It was also said that […]

Energy Conference to Develop The Energy Sector in Iraq

Economists are urging on an importance to exploit the human potential of Iraq in order to boost the sustainable rate of Iraq’s development, pointing to the difficulties in order to gain the global objectives in Iraq, led the whole rate of development decline and with this gradual slowing of economic movements and slow rate of […]

Get Protected From Iraqi Dinar Scams

Iraqi dinar is available in six denominations and all of the six denominations are now fully embedded with the latest security features and these security features are easy for everyone to find and if you know the security feature of Iraqi Dinar then you can easily make your Iraqi dinar investment safe and secure. There […]