Iraqi Dinar News

Investigations in Iraq have been started into alleged manipulation of the exchange rate between the US dollar and Authentic Iraqi Dinar and in this regard, the government has issued the arrest warrants against the high officials including the head of Central bank of Iraq. Spokesman for Commission on Integrity, Hassan Karim Aati said on Thursday […]

Iraq Energy Sector to Adopt Green Renovation

Iraq is now paying attention to overcome energy crisis and many developed countries have adopted the several alternative energy sources to fulfil the energy needs. These measures have reduced the expenditures which were spent on just electricity and nowadays many nations are producing cheaper electricity via using the cheap resources like many nations are producing […]

Iraqi Dinar Trade – What Next After The Revaluation

Iraq has got about 143 million barrels of gas supplies along with the stocks seem to be reputable and recognized stock. Iraq also is recognized most of his oil and gas reserves volumes. According to some experts, Iraq can become the number 1 economy of the world if they utilize this blessing properly. A number […]