International Claims to Expedite The Formation of The Iraqi Government

Iraqi News

Washington and the European Union urging to hold a parliamentary session BAGHDAD – morning: It seems that the confusion of the Iraqi political scene draws the attention of the international community, which now asking him to speed up the formation of the government to control terrorism and to stop the calls for the division, as […]

Legal Protection to Iraq Cement Industry

Iraqi News

BAGHDAD – morning: Economist urged the need to provide legal protection for the cement industry, which is one of the important industries in infrastructure projects, as well as their contribution to the country to diversify revenue. Economic expert, Dr. Majid picture between “morning” that there are several factors that inhibit the work of cement plants […]

Political And Security Crises Are Forcing Foreign Banks to Leave Baghdad Towards The Kurdistan Region

Iraqi News

Called on MPs and economists Iraqi politicians to the need to reassure foreign investors and owners of banks to stay in Iraq, and they continue to work through accelerating the formation of the government, stressing that the security situation is the controlling element of the work of international banks in Iraq. A member of the […]

Decline of The Iraqi Market For Securities

Iraq Business News

General index of the Iraqi market for securities in session on Tuesday declined to 95.08 points, or 0.48 percent change compared with what has been recorded in the previous session. The bulletin said that the market for the number of shares traded in today’s session amounted to one billion and 618 000 700 A shares […]